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Universal Connectivity

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or GPRS wireless IoT connectivity to any device.

Flexible App Solutions

Use our standard App out of the box or customize your own version for your customers.

Smart Cloud

Supports connected products all over the world and millions of users simultaneously.

Products & Solutions

Connect virtually any electronic device to the Internet


About TuyaSRC

TuyaSRC (Tuya Security Response Center) supports as the central liaison with Tuya security team. It welcomes security researchers and partners around the world, along with Tuya security team, to foster a robuster cyber security eco-system.

As one of the world's leading IoT service providers and technology firms, Tuya keeps in mind that the protection of users is the first priority of Tuya, which will be fulfilled collaboratively by security partners and Tuya security team through varieties of security prograsms, i.e. Bug Bounty Program, detection & resolution of the security threats and vulnerabilities, security communications with Customers and helping users recover from security incidents in a timely manner.

Welcome to TuyaSRC to achieve secured environment.

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